Family Pet Training

Advantages of In-Home Training


When time is at a premium - It is difficult if not impossible, for some people to commit to a seven or eight week training class on the same day each week.  Evening work hours or weekend commitments to other family activities may coincide with the only time that group classes are offered. Many private trainers offer flexibility in appointment times from week to week, to accommodate YOU and your dog. 

The Personal Touch


In a private training session, the trainer focuses on only you and your dog.  You have the trainer’s undivided attention to help you hone your training skills, answer any questions, and address any challenges you may have experienced while working with your dog.  

Training Tailored To Your Needs


Your dog may already know how to wait politely for the food bowl and drop items on cue, but is a disaster walking on leash and greets guests to the home with a chest bump! With personalized instruction, a trainer can create a custom curriculum that focuses on behaviors that you consider the most important.