About Us

A Few Paws-a-tive facts:


Cathy has been around dogs and animals all her life.  Her passion for dogs lead her to become a 

Therapy Dog Handler/Instructor and a Professional Dog Trainer. 

Paws-a-tive Dog Training uses positive training techniques and methods to help achieve your goals.

 Professional Member of APDT and Insured.

 Training & experience includes Obedience Training, Puppy Kindergarten Classes, Therapy Dog Eval/Trainer 

& Service Dog Training specializing in Medical Alert & Mobility Assist.

Why Individualized Training Is Important


Group classes are beneficial as they provide general instruction, as well as socialization opportunities.

However, Individual  Sessions provide one-on-one attention, specialized training techniques for you & your dog's specific needs and issues, as sometimes, group classes are too overwhelming or generic for the owner and/or dog.

What You Should Expect From Training


Training is an on-going process.

It is an opportunity for the handler and the dog to bond. As a handler, you should be learning your dogs' strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your dogs' breed tendencies should also be incorporated into your decisions regarding training techniques. 

Using Positive training methods that work for both you and your dog 

are vital for progress to take place.

Just as it is for humans, if a dog doesn't use his training, he can lose it. 

Engaging in a variety of activities such as Rally or Agility reinforces both the dogs' and the handlers' training experiences and skills.


Professional Member